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Information Required to E-file
Form 2290

Before getting into the guide, be sure that you are ready with the
following information.

  • EIN (Employee Identification Number)
  • Details of all vehicles you are filing the HVUT for, including each of their VINs (Vehicle
    Identification Numbers)
  • The gross taxable weight of the vehicle(s)
  • The date the vehicle was purchased and first used on public highways
  • If you have a suspended vehicle, the record of its mileage

You are required to E-file Form 2290 if you are filing for 25 or more vehicles, but the IRS encourages e-filing for anyone required to file form 2290. E-filing will ensure quick delivery of Stamped Schedule 1. Remember, when you e-file, you will receive your Stamped Schedule 1 instantly after the IRS accepts your
2290 return.

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Start Filing 2290 Now
IRS Form 2290

Step by Step Instruction to Complete and E-File Form 2290 for 2023-2024 Tax Period


Create Account

Sign up or log in to your account. This will take you to the dashboard.


Add Business

Click the “Add Business” button. Fill out the necessary information.


Choose First Used Month

The IRS Form 2290 due date for each month is the last day of the following month.


Add Vehicles

You need to add all vehicles, including sold, destroyed, and suspended vehicles.


Select IRS Payment Method

IRS offers several payment methods, including electronic funds withdrawal (EFW), electronic federal tax payment system (EFTPS), or you can mail a check or money order to the IRS.


Review & Fix Errors if any

Express2290 checks your HVUT return for any basic errors. If we do not find any errors with your return, you will be prompted to continue, else you will be provided with the errors and way to correct it.


Transmit Form 2290 To IRS

View a summary of your Form information, create a 5-digit PIN, and then transmit it to the IRS.


Receive Stamped Schedule 1

After you e-file Form 2290 online, you’ll receive your Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes by email.

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